Fiji: Ep. 4: Video Update

Hi everyone,

I’m sharing a video I made recently for the Student Missions office at Walla Walla University. It played at the vespers program on Friday evening, November 30. The video is meant to be a short update for students at Walla Walla on how my assignment in Fiji is going, and speaks for itself for the most part. By no means is it comprehensive; there is a lot to show that I wasn’t able to fit into the short timeframe. As expected, making a two-minute video did not turn out as clear-cut as I would have liked—an error on my camera would not let me film for more than 15 seconds at a time, the school term was ending, and other unexpected interruptions caused problems—but I hope it doesn’t show too much.



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“Taiko Drumming” by Kaoru Watanabe (Isle of Dogs [Original Soundtrack])

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  1. I love your video, Logan. I’m really looking forward to seeing and hearing more of your experience in Fiji. We remember you and your work there in our prayers every day. We love you real good 😘


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