Coming and going can be a rush,

but the Lift shelf helps organize your everyday carry items in a calm, simple way.  Designed to be mounted in entryways or by doorways, Lift features soft felt pads to dampen the repetitive motion of setting down keys, phone, or wallet.  The simple mounting system has integrated ambient lighting, guiding you out the door, and guiding you to set your work down when you come home.

Leave it for tomorrow.

Design Process

Class assignment: Design a small horizontal surface and lighting element featuring memory and duration for Design Studio I.

Design target: Create a product that aids in egress from a home environment by providing a distinct place to set everyday carry items. 

Metaphor: Metamorphosis


Mapping and diagraming of typical daily routine while leaving a dorm room. Photos show some everyday carry items in hand.

Design inspiration

Examples examine the way existing forms hold common items, functional aspects of soft materials, and a desired design language.


A full-size shelf was built using 0.25" laser-cut Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF), 0.25" laser-cut acrylic, LED light strips, and felt.