Inspired by the tapping of Morse code,

the Morse salt and pepper shakers concept (with included toothpick dispenser) provides a unique and pleasing way to add salt and pepper to favorite dishes.

Designed to lay flat, they feature a removable cap for easy refilling, an internal grill for even distribution, and a shallow indent perfect for the human finger.

Just tap.

About the project

Class assignment: Design and model a salt shaker, pepper shaker, and toothpick dispenser for Design Principles I.

Metaphor: Morse code. The concept is based on the quick, single-finger tapping of telegrams and ham radio, an action very similar to the way many people dispense their salt in packets or regular shakers. This product concept is designed to fully realize our tendency to get just that little bit of salt or pepper by tapping.

Model: Canson drawing art board, craft foam, paper, glue (fully functional).

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